The history of Moncler
The Moncler brand was founded in 1952 in a small village not far from Grenoble in France by Rene Ramillon. They began to make sleeping bags, but in 1954 they created their first Moncler jackets to protect local workers from the extreme weather conditions.

In 1968 Moncler jackets and clothing had become so influential and advanced in their design that they were invited to provide the French Winter Olympics team with clothing and equipment. Originally Moncler only manufactured double jackets, but around 1972 and under the influence of the French team were invited to manufacture a single wrap-down that was lighter and more flexible and more suited to the requirements of winter athletes. These single down jackets were known as Huascaran and Nepal while the folded jackets were known as Karakorum.

In 1980 Moncler Jackets and Clothing ceased to be just marketed in the winter sports sector and became yet another fashion item as well as people enjoyed the sleek design and the practicality of their makeup. This new industry momentum has led Italian designer Remo Ruffini to buy the brand in 2003. Since the brand has become owned its Italian fashion production has increased greatly and now produces a range of Moncler jackets.

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